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Great Dental Floss Picks

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Dental Floss Picks, Deep Clean Angle 30 ea
Oral B

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Dental Floss Picks, Deep Clean Angle uses unique technology to deliver deep cleaning power with the extra comfort you’d expect from Glide.

Consumer Guide
  • “Crest Glide Floss Picks are the best floss product we (my wife and I) have ever had.” – Tevhit Koepruecue
  • “They fit between tight teeth.” – Karen Anderson
  • “These are so much easier to use than plain floss.” – Ted Shred

DenTek Complete Clean Floss Picks, Fresh Mint 75 ea

Welcome the new Complete Clean Floss Pick into your oral care arsenal. You can expect all the features of the superior floss picks you’re used to from DenTek products with a few extraordinary additions.

Consumer Guide
  • “This pick is the best I have ever used.” – H. T. Nelson
  • “I use them for my invalid son and it makes the process of flossing much more efficient.” – AAVID READER
  • “Easily reach back teeth (without putting your whole hand in your mouth!)” – Mary L. Nowak

Dentek Complete Clean Floss Picks, 90 Count (Pack of 6)

Removes food particles and plaque using mint scrubbing, shred proof floss.

Consumer Guide
  • “I’ve tired a LOT of different brands and styles of these things, and these are the best in my opinion.” – L. Fox
  • “The size and tautness of the floss is perfect and it so much easier to use floss picks than plain old floss.” – Here’sHowItWas
  • “These floss picks work great.” – scott

Comfort Clean® Back Teeth Floss Picks 75-Count (Pack of 6)

Traditional floss picks might make flossing infinitely easier than rolled floss, but those back teeth are still a pain to clean. In another stroke of evolutionary genius, DenTek developed the Easy Angle Floss Pick.

Buying Guides
  • “Whenever I try flossing in one of my tight spaces between teeth, it’s guaranteed to break the string off.” – Sugar Plum Fairy
  • “I’ve gone through 3-4 bags of this 6-pack, and they are all just as cheap.” – quality_control
  • “Only design that has the correct angles to easily reach your back teeth.” – GLarry

Plackers Gentle Fine Floss Picks-90 ct

Floss the Tightest Spaces Plackers Gentle Fine Floss Picks helps remove plaque and food particles that are otherwise hard to reach. It is essential to remove detritus and plaque to maintain good oral hygiene.

Expert Advice
  • “They have a very strong floss so it doesn’t break.” – apoem
  • “After using many of the brands out there these are the best ones we have found so far.” – jjceo (jjceo@comcast . net)
  • “They’re much easier for me to use than traditional floss with too many of my fingers in my mouth and my fingers get sore.” – G. MILLER

Plackers Twin Line Whitening Floss Picks-75 ct (Pack of 6)
Expert Advice
  • “These are the best flossers I’ve used.” – C. Want
  • “The floss used works well, is strong enough to hold up and is thin enough for even very tight spaces between teeth.” – R. Carlson
  • “Really cleans out gunk between teeth and help polish the surface areas.” –


The Crest Glide Floss Pick helps make flossing simple. The unique design combined with Crest Glide Original Floss slides easily between your teeth and resists shredding.

Expert Advice
  • “I love Crest Glide Floss Picks.” – Miki Thomas
  • “I cannot find these in stores anymore and continue to order them online because I like them so much.” – Tina Abel
  • “The curve of the pick makes it easy to reach anywhere in your mouth.” – Aundrea

DenTek Easy Angle Floss Picks-Fresh Mint-75 ct

Floss Picks slide easily between tight teeth, without shredding, to effectively remove plaque and help prevent gingivitis.

Product Ratings
  • “The floss string breaks apart from the frame with very little pressure.” – D. Jones
  • “Short point on the Placker pick is the only draw back.” – Jamie
  • “These are some of the best floss picks on the market!” – M. A. Hughes

DenTek Confort Clean Floss picks - 150 ct

Flossing Made Easy!Comfort Clean Floss Picks for Tight Teeth and Sensitive GumsShred Resistant Floss Textured Pick Tongue Scraper Advanced Coating with FluorideTongue Scraper: removes germs that cause bad breath.

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